FODERVÄRD sökes inom Stockholms län. Kontakta mig (Veronica) för mer info.

In 1998 Veronica bought her first briard: Korad TJH SUCH LP1 LP2 BRIETT Shebrie's Ngati Whatua II and later on decided that this lovely female would be the foundation of her future breeding and registered her kennel name WHATUAS. In 2002 the first litter of briard was born and since then Veronica have had six briard litters!


In 2004 the first schapendoes entered the family and the first litter was born 2009-08-26. Schapendoes will be breed in the future by Veronicas sister Desire and her kennel GLISSDOES.


In the beginning of year 2011, Gunilla Welander became co-owner in kennel Whatuas and a new breed entered: Prazský Krysarík! Our first Prazský Krysarik litter were born 2013-01-29.


Kennel Whatuas is seated in Stockholm. We only use mentally and exterior healthy dogs in our breeding progamme.

For us it's very important that a dog from Whatuas is a companion for life, that is why we help you to choose a puppy suited for your purpose - working, show or all round dog.

You will guaranteed get life support and advice from us concerning your dog.

We arrange gatherings and information for those who are interested and expect a mutual contact.

When our puppies leave the nest they are use to everything that happens in a home. They are also well socialized with other people and dogs.


When your puppy leave our home it is:

RPE 65 Normal (will not carry the gene for night blindness) Briard



Marked with a chip

Registered in SKK

Also the whole litter is insured in Agria through our kennel insurance againgst any hidden diseases.


Intersted in a puppy from us, or have any question regarding our kennel and dogs - please don't hesitate to contact us!



Best regards, Veronica & Gunilla